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Lake Mburo is also home to the only population of impala in Uganda and apart from the remote northern parks, is the only place to see Burchells zebra and eland birds species including the papyrus gonolek, the blue . Burchells zebra, Topi, Bush baby, and many more are frequently seen If luck is on your side, you may also have an opportunity to see various species of birds including the rare Shoe bill stock, and the Papyrus . Burchells Coucal of southern Africa These birds, also called rainbirds, have beautiful calls Pairs tend to duet when the humidity climbs There are 30 species of coucal in the world, with five species living in southern . South Africa has experienced two periods of contrasting nationbuilding, with apartheids exclusionary ideology . This page displays a list of species that have been recorded, either in video, photo or audio by the contributor You can click on the species name to open its page, or click on the number of videosphotossounds to view only .

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    Photo Burchell Gonolek
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