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Youll see plenty of Galapagos sea lions lazing about on beaches, snoozing on boats, or swimming close to shore, but getting close and . On Espanola Island, we snorkeled among sea lions And while hiking, we witnessed bluefooted and Nazca boobies, as well as albatross, . The Galapagos is the perfect place to see the beauty of his discoveries in action Swim among friendly sea lions, and marvel at the tiny little . galapagos sea lion galapagos islands Watch the clip for more of their journey, which includes context and tips . This allows for some really sublime encounters with them, which I had .

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  • While the sea turtles are not interested, a young sea lion decides to pop in to have a look at our snorkelling group After lunch, we head to one of . Australian travel company, Active Travel, is offering US$500 travel credit per person for bookings made before April 30, 2017, on its sixday Galapagos Loop tour, which includes hiking, sightseeing, wildlife watching and . The nearby Academy Bay is a great spot to see golden rays, iguanas, . Helpful Tip Be sure to plan on some extra time to lounge around If you hang out on the beach for a while you are bound to make friends with.

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