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The Grey Heron was always known as the Crane among the locals of . It is great during the lunch breaks and a chance to get some fresh air What surprised me a few weeks ago was the sight of 3040 grey herons . 27th Feb Mallard on Hide Pool The Meadow Pools, at this time of the year, hold a good collection of Wigeon ,Teal and Lapwing with a smaller . grey heron pictures Status Common resident at wetlands, estuaries and along rivers throughout Ireland Conservation Concern Greenlisted in Ireland The European population is considered to be Secure Identification The grey plumage . Noticeable amongst the migratory birds was the four sub adult Floricans .

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  • still not 100% sure what this bird is better views this morning confirmed a few points the legs and feet are a bluegrey with no rings or the . And, in the mid1900s, Englands grey heron plummeted as a result of . Not every waterfowl appears in a burst of activity the everpatient Grey Herons stand like statues whilst hunting their prey by the waters edge . But its probably 20 years since I last saw one, let alone two I nearly didnt notice the grey heron standing, motionless, on the verge of a woodland . Herons perform complex courtship dances including a series of the soothing movements of this most selfcontained of birds, dignified in its subtle bluegrey plumage, sometimes standing on the beach as if pondering.

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