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On October 19, the waters in the cove turned to blood as the first slaughter of striped dolphins took place Our team witnessed and documented the extreme . Rissos dolphins and Striped dolphins Make sure to go Mirissa in your holidays to Sri Lanka for spend beautiful time with dolphins the friendlies. The striped dolphin was found washed up on the beach at Brei Wick north of Dales Voe above Lerwick Scottish Natural Heritage operations officer Juan Brown said the creature was very fresh when it was found, so it was assumed to be . striped dolphin pictures The cove turned red today Blood flowed from underneath the tarps covering the killing zone Not everything can be hidden from us, the observers It all happened very fast We had arrived at the usual lookout point early this morning and were . Taiji An horrific scene played out in Taiji, Japan last night as 5565 striped dolphins were driven into the Cove and slaughtered Stressed dolphins threw themselves onto rocks and had to be physically dragged to their slaughter .

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  • PHUKET A striped dolphin spotted close to shore at Bang Tao Beach died last night, despite rescue workers and experts efforts to save the marine mammal Kusoldharm Foundation rescue workers arrived on the scene in front of . Since 2009, Gio and his research team have been working in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece, studying striped dolphins, shortbeaked common dolphins, common bottlenose dolphins and, until now, one Rissos dolphin Striped . a href"httpwwwarkiveorgstripeddolphinstenellacoeruleoalbavideo00htmlsrcportletV3web" title"ARKive video Striped dolphin overview" ><img src"httpcdn2arkiveorgmediaC2C21576BE71F8430BAE33 . The striped dolphin, a species which used to be the mainstay of the industry during the 1980s when roughly 1,800 were caught each year, is in the same boat Now they are often impossible to find and only 100 of them are caught each . The striped dolphin has a similar size and shape to several other dolphins that inhabit the waters it does see pantropical spotted dolphin, Atlantic spotted dolphin, Clymene dolphin However, its colouring is very different and.

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