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This animal has small eyes and poor vision, but its large, upright ears indicate that hearing is an important sense Southern tamanduas eat ants and termites in roughly equal proportions, although they may also eat a small . Making the world better, one answer at a time The northern tamandua would be Tamandua Mexicana They always have a black vest and there are some skull differences and differences in gestation The southern . 1 Tamandua tetradactyla Southern Tamandua or Lesser Anteater Family Myrmecophagidae Anteaters Order Pilosa Anteaters and Sloths Class Mammalia Mammals Fig 1 Southern tamandua, Tamandua . The southern tamandua Tamandua tetradactyla has an elongated snout and is covered by creamy yellowbrown fur Tamaduas in the southeastern part of their range have a black patch resembling a vest that curves . A group of Southern Tamanduas was imported to the United States last August as part of an effort to bolster the population in US zoos A pair named Olive and Brutus were placed at the Buffalo Zoo Not much is known .

  • WASHINGTON WUSA9 A southern tamandua, named Cayenne is now on exhibit at the Smithsonians National Zoo The oneyearold female tamandua arrived at the National Zoo from the Denver Zoo on a . Olomouc, North Moravia, Sept 12 CTK The male southern tamandua that arrived in the Olomouc zoo last year with the important task to father an offspring has scored success as his partner, Tara, gave birth to a . Southern tamanduas are between 21 and 315 inches 535 to 80 centimeters in length, with an additional 15 to 23 inch 40 to 59 millimeters long prehensile tail This species typically weighs around 10 pounds 45 . The Buffalo Zoo is now home to a fluffy newborn southern tamandua Otis was born on April 7 to parents Olive and Brutus, who were imported to the zoo last August as part of a program to expand North American . The individual and geographic variation observed in the southern tamandua has made the taxonomic description of these animals a difficult task Animals from the southeastern part of the range are "strongly vested",.

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