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Twenty years ago Dama Wallabies were exported to zoos and as exotic pets That died a natural death probably with more stringent animal welfare and export certification issues, says Greg The regional council had no tools or methods . Relevant keywords for this picture animals, Australia, Australian, Dama, Darma, daylight vertebrate, vertebrates, Wallabies, wild, wildlife, world. They may be fluffy and cute but Western Bay residents are being warned wallabies are not pets Bay of Plenty Regional Council Rotorua land management manager Greg Corbett said some people viewed Dama wallabies as pets instead . wallaby dama breeders A tasty carrot, slathered in 1080, is the secret to getting rid of wallabies hopping their way through the Waikato region July is Biosecurity Month, and Waikato Regional Council revealed one of its targets was controlling dama wallabies . Bay of Plenty Regional Council is trying to get the jump on an animal pest to stop it spreading across the region Dama wallabies from Australia have existed in the Rotorua lakes area for 100 years, after being released there in 1912 But .

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  • Poisoning has knocked back and possibly eliminated a colony of wallabies breeding on the doorstep of Tauranga Dama wallabies, little nocturnal marsupials introduced into New Zealand for sport and the value of their skins, arrived about . Hers would grow to about knee high and 30 to 40 pounds The smallest wallabies are mousesize There is breed one size smaller than her pet, called a Dama wallaby, but it is more mouselike with rounded ears It is also more . Four types of wallaby the dama or tammar, pama, swamp and brushtailed rock wallaby are established on Kawau and today survive in large numbers throughout the island Located in the inner Hauraki Gulf, east of Warkworth, Kawau . There are concerns the spread of Dama wallabies in the greater Rotorua area is causing major damage to native forest and bush The wallabies were released in a small section near Lake kreka in 1912 and theyve since spread across . Bay of Plenty Regional Council staff are concerned some residents may be treating Dama wallabies as pets instead of pests Wallabies destroy native bush by feeding on seedlings which ultimately means native birds and animals lose.

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