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The woylie is an extremely rare small marsupial endemic to Australia Credit Sabrina Trocini Murdoch University researchers have discovered . Images A nymph Ixodes woyliei taken at the Centre for Microscopy Characterisation and Analysis at UWA Also a picture of a juvenile . The new tick was named Ixodes woyliei because it has a taste for a rare . woylie brush tailed bettongs The researchers, from Murdoch University in Western Australia, collected ticks from the two remaining woylie populations in south western . The introduced red fox Vulpes vulpes has had a devastating impact of Australias native mammal fauna, particularly on those in the Critical Weight Range, between 35 and 5500 grams Combined with landscape .

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  • The native marsupials the westernbarred bandicoot, the woylie, the dibbler, the bilby were all driven to extinction Now, theres a project to . This planet is full of animals Many of them we are familiar with and start learning at a young age Thats an elephant and this is a zebra No, thats not a dog, but a wolf However, there are a great number of animals . A gripping whodunnit is unfolding in Western Australia, where a mysterious serial killer is on the loose, stalking and slaughtering its defenceless prey A crack team of investigators has embarked on a classic murder hunt . FORENSIC analysis has helped reveal a culprit in the decline of the woylie Bettongia penicillata The cuddly marsupial was once heralded as a poster child in the resurrection of declining native mammal species After . A POPULATION of critically endangered woylies has surged in a SouthWest sanctuary in a sign that the species is responding well to recovery efforts In December 2010, 41 woylies were released by the Department of.

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